Next Friday, October 23rd is our middle school visit night. No Transportation will be provided. The Game is being held at DRAGON STADIUM behind RRHS.

Here’s a rundown of the night:

  • 5:00pm Kids arrive, move to the 1100 Cafeteria for pizza and a short video (High school students will be taking group photo)
  • 5:30pm High school kids join yours in the cafeteria for a meet and greet
  • 6:00pm Line up to march to the stadium
  • 6:10pm March over
  • 7:00pm Game begins
  • 8:10pm (approximately) Halftime – JV band performs
  • 9:45pm (approximately) Game ends – Varsity band performs
  • 10:10pm Go home!

We’ll have a sign in sheet for our records (and yours) when the kids come in the cafeteria and we’d like for the kids to sit in sections by instrument.

Also, I want to encourage you strongly to stay for the whole game.  I know in years past the kids have left after halftime and if they do that this year they’ll miss seeing the Varsity show!