We are very excited to share with you that we had 64 students earn membership in the TMEA Region 26 All District Band!!! That’s a record high for the CeVMS Band!!!!
We’re very fortunate that our students performed admirably today. 52 of them will be advancing to the next round, where they will have a chance to earn membership in the All Region Band and Orchestra.
Below are the students who made district and/or advanced. They are listed by section and if they have an asterisk, that means they advanced:
*Carissa Keng – 1st chair!
*Anakha Kumar
*Neha Tatti
*Isabelle Huang
*Sujae Lee
*Kanthi Makineedi
*Sam Hatch
Alejandra Guerrero
Manasvi Perisetty
*Jennifer Kim – 1st chair!
*Aubrey Younger
Clarinet –
*Erin McBride
*Siyaa Arora
*Jayden Yoon
*Cole Ritchie
*Olivia Contello
*Avery Althaus
*Sandali Srivastava
*Anna Behrs
Kristina Holbrook
Anna Harris
Bass Clarinet-
*Nikit Arya – 1st Chair!
*Darren Chen
Alto Sax-
*Jake Brown
*Maxwell Preston
*Sanjay Amirthraj
Matthew Bulger
Prajith Velichetti
Jackson Grizzle
Tenor Sax-
*Ryan Good
*Jacob Lozano
Bari Sax-
*Toba Akande – 1st Chair!
*Helen Jun
*Mollie Garrett
*Claire Smith
Nilay Alwar
Trumpet –
*Hayden Tucker
*Quinn Birt
*Morgan Shetter
*Parker Grizzle
*Skye Illey
*Caleb Fant
*Braden Frazer
*Gus May
Andres Rodriguez
French Horn-
*Hannah Werchan
*Grace Sorensen
Trinity Storms
Trombone –
*Jesse Fahlsing
*Jakob Simpson
*Grady Lavalle
*Kalen Griffith
*Elizabeth Veraa
Ruben Flores
Euphonium –
*Brindley Gable – 1st Chair!
*Ronald Zheng
*Drew Kennedy
*Jackson Ivan
Tuba –
*Reid Shattuck
*Aaris Dennington
Alec St. John
Percussion –
*Evan Campbell – 1st Chair!
*Harsh Sundararaman
*Karina Tumewu
*Matthew Guzman
Emily Calhoun
Congrats to all the students!