1. Practice Logs! From here on out the students will be graded on how much they practice. This will be logged in MusicFirst. I’ve shown the students how to do it in class, but if they’re having trouble accessing them, please let me know and I can get you on track!

Here is the grading rubric for practice logs:

140 min or greater 110
110-139 min 100
90-109 min 93
70-89 min 86
50-69 min 79
1-49 min 72
0 or Unsubmitted 0

Practice logs are assigned on Fridays and due on the following Thursday. Full credit is given for a practice log that is turned in ON TIME and has at least 4 days of practice. 10 points are deducted for every day late or less than four.

Since the students are doing practice logs, you should see instruments coming home very often!

2) Music Passoffs! Every week the students will have 3 passoffs to complete. They will be assigned on Friday, Monday and Tuesday. These will be done through MusicFirst, which will redirect them to PracticeFirst. Please make sure you are following the tempo directions. Once again, I’ve shown students how to do this in class. Feel free to email me if you have any problems.

We recommend you do these with a computer, but you can actually do it with a tab or smart phone. If you’re using an iPad or iPhone, please use the musicfirst app instead of your browser. The app is FREE!

I’m very excited to see how far the students have come in just 6 weeks. The first concert on Friday, December 2nd is going to be amazing!