Here is the itinerary for tonight’s (September 27) football game.

5:20 pm Be at school, ready to load the bus, with a clipboard, rubberband, folding music stand, and instrument.

5:30 pm Load the bus for Kelley Reeves at CeVMS

5:45 pm Arrive at KRAC

6:00 pm Begin playing for B team game

7:20 pm Begin packing up to leave

7:30 pm Pick-up up for students on North Side of Stadium


A couple of notes, Percussion will have to transport their instrument home and then back to school within the week, preferably the next day. Tubas will be transported by Mr. Alvarado, and will not need to be taken home by students. Bottled water is allowed and encouraged. Students will not be able to go to the concession stand for food during the performance. Please eat a snack or small meal before arriving at CeVMS.


If you have any further questions, please let one of the directors know.