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Post-UIL Austin Park ‘n Pizza Party



Below is the information letter pertaining to the Post-UIL Pizza party. If you have any questions, let Mr. Bonathan or Alvarado know.


Download (PDF, Unknown)

Pre-UIL and UIL Information Letter


Below is the information letter passed out last week pertaining to Pre-UIL and UIL. If you have any questions, please let Mr. Bonathan or Alvarado know.


Download (PDF, Unknown)

December 2nd Concert Information for All Bands

Below you will find the information pages distributed on 11-17-16 and 11-18-16 in class.

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Congratulations to All Region Band Members (Info sheets attached)


This past Saturday we had 42 students audition to be a part of the TMEA Region 26 MS Region Band. Membership in this group is the highest distinction a student can earn in Middle School Band.

We were lucky to have 32 students place in the Region Band. Some of these students even placed high enough to earn membership into the Region Orchestra, where they will combine with the string players in the Region to give an amazing concert separate of the Region Band.

We are very proud of our students! In fact, The Cedar Valley Band program had the 2nd highest number of musicians selected! The students who placed will be listed below. Please congratulate them when you see them.

Region Orchestra Members:
Faith Keng – 1st Chair Overall – Clarinet
Jennifer Kim – Oboe
Holden Henegar – Horn

Region Wind Ensemble Members:
Jennifer Kim – Oboe
Faith Keng – Clarinet
Amy Kim- Clarinet
Morgan Losabia – 1st Chair Overall – Bass Clarinet
Sho Humphries – Alto Sax
Holden Henegar – Horn
Adam Oldroyd – Euphonium
Robert Koenig – Bass Trombone

Region Symphonic Band Members:
Mia Rodriguez – Flute
Sirie Yamani – Flute
Carissa Keng – Flute
Evelyn Tjoa – Oboe
Junha Keam – Clarinet
Priyanka Gupta – Clarinet
Micah Moon – Clarinet
Erin McBride – Clarinet
Kathryn Giordano – Bass Clarinet
Colin Fawcett – Bari Sax
Dylan Mathew – Horn
P.J. Tisch – Trombone
Jesse Fahlsing – Trombone
Grady LaValle – Trombone
Ronald Zheng – Euphonium
Kade Zeiner – Euphonium
Cameron Bui – Tuba
Evan Campbel – Percussion
Christian Becker – Percussion

Region Concert Band:
Lyssa Frank – Flute
Lauren Bryant – Bassoon
Vikram Ramchandra – Horn
Brandon Thomas – Tuba
Peyton Keily – Tuba


Hairy Man Festival Info Letter and Permission Slip

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Festival of Bands Tickets available online!



The 2016 Round Rock ISD Festival of Bands is next Monday, and ticket sales are online and at the door (though the line at the door could be very long, if last year is any indication.)

You can purchase the tickets here. All proceeds from the ticket sales benefit the private lesson scholarship fund.

The event is mandatory for the Honor Band, but we would love to every CeVMS band member to come and wear the purple band t-shirts in support of the Honor Band, Round Rock High School Band, and the McNeil High School Band.


Football Game Tonight (Advanced Bands Only)

Here is the itinerary for tonight’s (September 27) football game.

5:20 pm Be at school, ready to load the bus, with a clipboard, rubberband, folding music stand, and instrument.

5:30 pm Load the bus for Kelley Reeves at CeVMS

5:45 pm Arrive at KRAC

6:00 pm Begin playing for B team game

7:20 pm Begin packing up to leave

7:30 pm Pick-up up for students on North Side of Stadium


A couple of notes, Percussion will have to transport their instrument home and then back to school within the week, preferably the next day. Tubas will be transported by Mr. Alvarado, and will not need to be taken home by students. Bottled water is allowed and encouraged. Students will not be able to go to the concession stand for food during the performance. Please eat a snack or small meal before arriving at CeVMS.


If you have any further questions, please let one of the directors know.

T-shirt Sizes (All Bands)

Please fill out the following Google Form if you fall into one of the following categories:
1. Your child is a beginner.
2. Your child has outgrown their current band shirt.
3. You are new to the Cedar Valley Band Program.
This is only for STUDENT shirts, NOT for extra shirts for parents.
Please fill this out as soon as you can.

First (or Second) Day Packet

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Summer Band 2016!

We are SO EXCITED to see you all for Summer Band! Just a reminder that Summer Band will be from 9AM-12PM in the Band Hall August 1st – 4th and August 8th – 11th. Please plan to arrive around 8:50ish so everybody is seated and ready to go at 9AM.


LOCKERS – You are more than welcome to use your locker from last year to store your instrument case during the camp. There are NO LOCKS, so you will not be able to leave your instruments overnight, unless you have a larger instrument, and we will decide on a case by case basis.


TUBAS – You will NEED to bring your instrument from home. We will not have enough Tubas here for you to use. Please bring your mouthpiece as well. You will be allowed to leave it here overnight.


-A Winning Attitude
-Your Instrument
-Mechanical Pencils
-Bottled Water
– 1.5 Inch Black Binder with 5 dividers


DIVIDERS – We are going to be very organized this year. Every student should have a black binder (1.5 inch please) that has 5 dividers. The dividers should be labeled as follows: INFO, DAILY, PEP, CONCERT & SECTIONAL. For a picture of what this should look like,click here. We have also attached a PDF of labels for you to print out and use.


Can’t wait to see you all!
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