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Month: August 2016

Fall Sectionals (Advanced Bands only)

Fall Sectionals 2016

Above is the fall sectional schedule for advanced bands. The top section is the morning sectionals, and the bottom section is for afternoon sectionals. Each sectional is also labeled by band. H is for Honor Band, S is for Symphonic Band, and C is for Concert Band. Morning sectionals begin at 7:00 AM sharp, and afternoon sectionals start at 3:45 PM and go until 4:45 PM. All sectionals will begin this Monday, August 29.

There is going to be one exception to this, the Concert Band flute and oboe sectionals will move this next week only to Wednesday after school, from August 29 to August 31. The normal schedule will apply in the following weeks. If you have any questions, please contact your director.

Advanced Practice Logs Start Today!

Today you should begin to document your practice for a grade.  To access the practice log, go to https://roundrock.musicfirstclassroom.com/login

We recommend that you bookmark that page!

Login: firstname.lastname

Password: studentID# (no s)

The practice log should appear on the left side of your dashboard.  Enter minutes/what you practiced/what you accomplished and click SAVE PROGRESS.

At the end of the week (Thursday night or Friday) you can add up your minutes and click FINISH AND SUBMIT.

The grading scale is listed at the bottom. 10% off for any day less than 4 that you practice, 10% off for everyday that the practice log is late.

WARNING: If you click FINISH AND SUBMIT before you’re ready to turn in your practice log, you will no longer be able to access it!

Email us if you’re having problems logging in or you have any questions.

UPDATE: One of our enterprising students has made a tutorial on how to log in to MusicFirst. Watch the video below!

First (or Second) Day Packet

Download (PDF, Unknown)