We are SO EXCITED to see you all for Summer Band! Just a reminder that Summer Band will be from 9AM-12PM in the Band Hall August 1st – 4th and August 8th – 11th. Please plan to arrive around 8:50ish so everybody is seated and ready to go at 9AM.


LOCKERS – You are more than welcome to use your locker from last year to store your instrument case during the camp. There are NO LOCKS, so you will not be able to leave your instruments overnight, unless you have a larger instrument, and we will decide on a case by case basis.


TUBAS – You will NEED to bring your instrument from home. We will not have enough Tubas here for you to use. Please bring your mouthpiece as well. You will be allowed to leave it here overnight.


-A Winning Attitude
-Your Instrument
-Mechanical Pencils
-Bottled Water
– 1.5 Inch Black Binder with 5 dividers


DIVIDERS – We are going to be very organized this year. Every student should have a black binder (1.5 inch please) that has 5 dividers. The dividers should be labeled as follows: INFO, DAILY, PEP, CONCERT & SECTIONAL. For a picture of what this should look like,click here. We have also attached a PDF of labels for you to print out and use.


Can’t wait to see you all!