Football Game Performances

Kelly Reeves Athletic Complex

9-29-15 & 10-13-15

We will perform for the 2nd half of the B-Game and the 1st half of the A-Game.

*Football players & Cheerleaders are required to perform with the band during the time when their team is not playing.

Eat dinner or a snack before coming back to campus. If you stay on campus you will be in a studyhall environment in the bandhall and will not be playing on your instrument, or wandering the halls. Students can eat dinner in the hallway just outside the bandhall.

5:00 PM         Meet in Cedar Valley Band Hall

5:20 PM         Load Buses and depart for KRAC/Parmer Lane

Uniform:        Cedar Valley Band Shirt, nice shorts, or nice blue jeans.

Bring:             Instrument in case, music on clipboard with rubberbands, MUSIC STAND-folding one from home.

Dismissed:      7:30 PM  [approximate] You will need to put your instrument into the case and not play any more on your instrument.

Transportation:         School bus transportation will be provided over to KRAC, but you will be responsible for your own transportation home after you are dismissed. Please be on time and have your ride arranged so that you may travel home when you are dismissed. Remember, this is a school night!

Admission:     If you are performing, you will not have to pay admission.


  1. We will sit in the bleachers in assigned seats/by instruments.
  2. You will remain seated with the band and only play on your instrument when the entire band performs. Pay attention so that we can play at a moment’s notice!
  3. We will be “on stage” the entire evening. Your behavior will be noticed, so be on your best at all times. You represent your school, your band, your family!
  4. Concessions will be available for spectators and not for performers! Eat before you arrive. You will not be permitted to go to the concession stand and your parents or friends will not be allowed to get food for you. This rule will be enforced….save all of us an embarrassing moment. You may bring bottled water, only bottled water!
  5. Use of restrooms will be on an emergency basis. Students will be dismissed in groups of two. When the group returns the next group will be dismissed.